UK - Iraqi Kurdistan by campervan

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Turkey - Iran border and our campervan

We left England in September 2018 in a campervan. Pictured: our route.

We'd spent the whole summer turning a roadworkers Transit van into a campervan suitable for winter travel and it was important to insulate it well.

Our original destination was Georgia and Turkey, but we ended up visiting Northern part of Iraq also. It ended up being a journey of 20 000 km by the time we got back home.

It was, in hindsight, one of the best decisions we've made! Having spent some time insulating the van properly, it was possibe to sleep in -23, as we learned in Eastern Turkey. Most nights were considerable warmer than that so even without the heater it was reasonably comfortable. A gas stove

Being able to drive through remotest villages, away from big cities and park up and sleep anywhere for free was a great way to save on costs and explore at our own pace.

We were on the road from September to late March and these are some of the places we saw:

Wilderness of Tabatskuri National Park, Georgia

Ktsia-Tabatskuri Managed Reserve. It's a bit of a journey to get here and more of a journey to get out, but well worth the visit, As remote as Georgia gets

High altitude on mt Kazbek, Georgia

Beginning of December I attempted to climb mt Kazbek from Stepantsminda. Although unsuccesful in my attempt to summit I met some good Polish climbers and spent the next week in their company. Georgia is the country of many drinks
Thermal pools in Central Georgia
We found this little gem on Google - honest to god hot sulphur water bubbling out in the middle of nowhere. Stayed for two days!

Tatra mountains, Slovakia
Castles in Romania.

Abandoned Armenian church in Turkey

Katski Pillar, home of a small monastery. Georgia
The rock was once accessible to male visitors through an iron ladder running from its base to the top

Fox hunting in Eastern Turkey
Cave settlements in Vardzia, Georgia
Turkish coast - sea to snow
Hot air balloons of Goreme, Turkey
Fairy chimneys of Goreme, Turkey
Surreal landscapes, Turkey
Underground cities in Turkey
Entering Zagros mountains, Iraq.
A beautiful, fertile part of the world with many caves, waterfalls and mountains

Plenty of photo opportunities in Kurdistan
Plenty of tea, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
Bakery in Choman

We swap vehicles for some journeys...
And some journeys are on foot - this one here took us through markets of Suleymaniyah, Southern Kurdistan
Market life, Suleymaniyah

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